Safe Rx Locking Pill Bottle - Pharmacy 5-Pack Starter Kit
Safe Rx Locking Pill Bottle - Pharmacy 5-Pack Starter Kit

Safe Rx Locking Pill Bottle - Pharmacy 5-Pack Starter Kit

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The Protecting our Children and Adolescents from Opioids Act of 2018 requires chain pharmacies to carry safe storage solutions near the pharmacy counter.


We provide the lowest cost, highest rated and most reliable Locking Pill Bottles (LPBs™) on the market.

Safe Rx® 5-Pack Starter Kit

For countertop display or peg merchandising. The Starter Kit includes 2 large and 3 small individually cartoned LPBs™ for single unit sale. Exclusive and limited time offer.

The Starter Kit is also available to order through McKesson, Cardinal Health and other distributors. For dispensing options, please reach us at | (833) 288-SAFE |

The 5-Pack Starter Kit enables pharmacy compliance via a product solution with quicker turns and higher profitability.

Retailer Margins per unit

18 Dram
60 Dram
  Unit MSRP $ 9.99 $ 14.99
  Unit Cost $5.89 $8.72
  Profit $ per unit $ 4.10 $ 6.27
  Profit % per unit 41% 42%



The Safe Rx® Locking Pill Bottle (LPB™) is designed to help keep prescription and OTC medication safe at home or on the go.  

Designed for security and affordability, and certified child-resistant and senior friendly.  Easily opened with a pre-set 4-digit combination, Safe Rx® LPBs™ help keep toddlers, kids, teens and visitors from accessing your customer's medication.

  • Helps keep medication secure from kids, teens, visitors, household service providers.

  • Certified Child-resistant and Senior-friendly.

  • Suitable for solid oral drug powders and solids.

  • Prevents pilfering, and tamper-evident.

  • Easy to use pre-set 4-digit combination lock code.

  • Great for travel, work, dorm rooms or on the go.

  • Small bottle dimensions: 4.5" tall x 1.25" diameter (holds approx. 140 small pills)

  • Large bottle dimensions: 5.4" tall x 2" diameter (holds approx. 400 small pills)